by buddy on August 20, 2017

The Treaty of Versailles imposed conditions to end World War I, a war between Germany and its allies versus the western Europe and its allies, later known as the League of Nations. Actually, the Treaty was not a treaty at all as “treaty“ means agreement. Thus, since Germany had no voice in its authoring, the treaty was simply an, “…it’s our way or the highway” ultimatum.

At the start of the war there were varied conglomerations  of alliances between nations in Europe, one of which was Germany’s alliance with Austria/Hungary.  The catalyst for the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by a terrorist group in Serbia called the Black Hand. Austria delivered an ultimatum to Serbia knowing Serbia could not comply. The result was Austria declaring war on Serbia. With this, Germany was bound by alliance to join Austria in their declaration of war. Likewise, other nations were bound by alliance to aid Serbia. Thus, the beginning of World War I. The war raged from 1914 to1918 ending with Germany‘s defeat. (Some historians say Germany was eagerly bound to aid Austria).

Forced, practically at gunpoint, to comply with the deeply punitive treaty, Germany was left destitute as victorious nations, in the likeness of marauding conquerors subscribing  to the arcane concept of “To the victor go the spoils,” geographically sliced and diced twenty-seven thousand square miles of German real estate to a point where seven million of its citizens were de facto exiled from their homeland. The victors had their collective foot on the back of Germany’s neck as they rubbed Germany’s face in the dirt. Demoralized, and fearing they would even lose their identity and heritage, Germany silently declared enough is enough. Hence, up popped the devil, goose-stepping to the podium, with hair combed to the right side of his head and a square mustache under his nose.

Long before World War I, civil war was brewing in the United States. The battle lines were being drawn with states south of Maryland considered the “ South” and those north of Maryland considered the “North”. The cause of the pending war was  socioeconomic and political in nature, wherein the South was scantly mechanized and sparsely populated with citizenry who were sorely needed for labor. Consequently, southern states turned to slave labor to harvest their most valued commodity, cotton. Oddly enough, most of the raw cotton picked in the South was shipped to the heavily populated, industrialized North to be manufactured into garments and other lucrative products.  The oddity being the newly elected president, Abraham Lincoln (Republican)  from the northern state of Illinois, sought to end slavery especially in the expanding west. The South, on the other hand, argued that the right to slave labor was a constitutional guarantee and a violation of state’s rights. Being the minority in congress, the South lost the argument and invoked state’s rights to secede from the Union, thereby forming the Confederate States of America. Nevertheless, Lincoln was equally determined not to let the South secede. Hence, the beginning of the Civil War.

The Civil War raged from 1861 to 1865 but in the end, the Confederate Army was defeated and surrendered. The surrender took place on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox, Virginia between Confederate General Robert E. Lee (Democrat) and Union General Ulysses S. Grant (Republican)  in a house owned by a Mr. Wilmer McLean. There was no formal document. Instead, the terms of the surrender were handwritten in the form of a gentlemen’s agreement with the purpose of healing the country rather than promoting bitterness. The terms were few and simple; there would be no reparations, Confederate troops were to agree not to take up arms against the United States Government, they were to surrender their arms and return to their homes and tend to their farms. Grant also allowed them to keep their own horses.  The two Generals signed the agreement, gave each other a salute of honor, then General Lee mounted, sword still at arms, and rode off with his troops.

A passage from General Joshua L. Chamberlain’s memoirs is, in part, a testament to the good will and honor bestowed on once enemy combatants.

Before us in proud humiliation stood the embodiment of
manhood: men whom neither toils and sufferings, nor the
fact of death, nor disaster, nor hopelessness could bend
from their resolve; standing before us now, thin, worn, and
famished, but erect, and with eyes looking level into ours,
waking memories that bound us together as no other bond;—
was not such manhood to be welcomed back into a Union
so tested and assured? Instructions had been given; and when
the head of each division column comes opposite our group,
our bugle sounds the signal and instantly our whole line
from right to left, regiment by regiment in succession, gives
the soldier’s salutation, from the “order arms” to the old
“carry”—the marching salute.

It’s a pity lessons weren’t learned  by this at the Treaty of Versailles in 1865.
Sadly, there are those antagonistic revisionists, such as BLM,  who would rather the civil war came to a conclusion similar to that dictated by the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I. To achieve their “rather“ they complained that the Confederate flag was a reminder of the horrible days of slavery (as if the multitude of slavery artifacts at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C., African History month and the “Free at last, Free at last” statue on the mall in D.C. don‘t do the same). Ignoring the words of General Grant, BLM groups started out stealth like  by demanding that Confederate battle flags not be displayed on federal buildings. Next, they demanded that Confederate flags be removed from all public places. Not satisfied, they demanded that Confederate statues be dismantled and removed from public places. Criminal elements of this group destroyed a statue of a young Confederate solider by toppling it in the likes of  the Saddam Husain statue in Iraq. Once down they furiously kicked and spat on it as like groups did to our troops coming home from Vietnam. Real hate is anyone who is stupid enough to kick and spit on a metal statue. With this, local and federal governments capitulated and became complicit in the attempt to completely obliterate the cultural history of the South. Finally, certain southerners fearing they were losing their identity and heritage, declared enough is enough. Accordingly, on October 14, 2017, a rally was organized by the White Nationalists, which was sprinkled with KKK and Nazi  groups, at the statue of General Robert E. Lee (Democrat) in Durham, North Carolina. Thereupon, they were met by antagonizing  protesters who wished to put their collective foot on the South’s neck and rub its face in the dirt. The battle line was drawn and the two sides were poised for an inevitable fight. The authorities knew this and did nothing about it.
Shamefully, a female oppositionist was killed and many others injured when a “coconut” drove his car into the taunting crowd. Good advice to demonstrators is if you attend a gathering where there is the possibility of conflict, don’t go as a cheerleader, go prepared for  conflict.
What happened after World War I precipitated World War II. Let us not allow what is currently happening after the Civil War precipitate another civil war.



by buddy on May 19, 2017

For the past eight years establishment democrats, liberals, leftists, Lenin socialists and the main street media have driven our government into a swamp of third world corruption with blatant disregard for the rule of law, the constitution and the office of the Presidency. This corruptive  transformation is far reaching and its stench has spread like a virus to most governmental agencies. Now, with reckless ambition for power and revenge, laced with lies and distortions, these corrupted, and sometimes marauding, gangs have all but destroyed the Office of the Presidency of the United States.

In an effort to stem the garbage spewed by establishment democrats, liberals, leftists, Lenin socialists and the main street media, and to thwart this transforming pus from oozing into the fabric of our nation, 62,979,636 silent Americans, (labeled by Hilary Clinton as deplorable) went to the polls and voted for Donald J. Trump to be the President of the United States. Establishment democrats, liberals, leftists, Lenin socialists and the main street media were stunned, never dreaming that deplorables had that much power.

With this, we lead President Trump to the limits of D.C. where we placed the palms of our collective hands in the small of President Trump’s back and shoved him knee deep in the venomous crap there in. Here, we raised our fist and cheered him onward, “USA, USA, USA,” then we turned our backs and disappeared in silence, leaving our president to fend for himself.

Within days the snarling establishment democrats, liberals, leftists, Lenin socialists and the main street media, aided by some Republicans, began ripping at the flesh of President Trump and his agenda. To start, they were pissed because, “We the deplorable people,“ had sent an outsider, who spoke our language, to dig our country out of the third world bull shit that the past eight years has buried beneath. Still, to establishment democrats, liberals, leftists, Lenin socialists and the main street media, this was an all-out war to be waged against the man they hated, regardless of the consequences.

I watched roving reporters interviewing “Trump voters,” and the theme was all the same. “Why don’t the Republicans in congress stand up for President Trump?” And, “We want President Trump to know that we have his back.” Have his back HELL!! The only time we had his back is when we shoved him into the mess that was created during the past eight .

Supporters of President Trump, need to do more than spit verbiage. We need to use the pen as our sword in this war that has been declared against our President. We need to drop a line to the  establishment democrats, liberals, leftists, Lenin socialists and the main street media to remind them that we are not little lambs waiting for the grim butcher to show up at our door.  Can you imagine 62,979,636  letters and e-mails being sent to the main stream media concerning their advertisers and to members of congress concerning their elitist positions?  We ARE the power of this nation and this is how we fight. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Be sure to identify yourself as a, “DEPLORABLE.”



May 7, 2017

Hillary Clinton has surfaced again with ridicules excuses as to why she lost the election to President Donald J. Trump. One would have to be complete idiot to think her reason for reemergence on the scene is to change the outcome of the last election. Instead, she is attempting to put lipstick on a pig, […]

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February 28, 2017

When President Trump gives his speech to Congress tonight, you can expect Rep Maxine Waters to inject her loud mouthed, un-statesperson like disruptions. Along with that, the press would love President Trump to attend the correspondents dinner at the White House so they can shame him by NOT attending themselves. But, President Trump is one […]

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February 22, 2017

President Trump invited Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu for a dinner cruse, on the Potomac River, aboard the presidential yacht. After dinner they both enjoyed a cigar on deck where a sudden burst of wind  blew Bibi’s Kippot (hat) off his head. A secret service guard immediately went to dive overboard to retrieve Bibi’s kippot, whereupon President […]

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February 10, 2017

With feverous anger, the  main street media and Democrat party are willing to employ scorched earth tactics to destroy President Trump, even if it destroys the office of the presidency and the United States.In their feverous anger, the  main street media and Democrat party are willing to employ scorched earth tactics to destroy President Trump, […]

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February 5, 2017

On March  25, 1965 Martin Luther King locked arms with others and led thousands of nonviolent demonstrators on a five day march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama in pursuit of equal rights under the law. Unprovoked, officials swiftly responded to the protesters by firing water cannons at them, releasing snarling attack dogs and police wielding […]

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January 28, 2017

President Trump said he was going to, “Drain the swamp,” AND HE DID by replacing Obama and his administration. Now he has to know that you can cut a snakes head off, but it can still bite you. My advice to him would be to stump the hell out of the snakes head while you […]

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December 17, 2016

MURSE He had oodles and oodles of little things Cell phones, assorted coins and keys on rings He stuffed his pockets with all this stuff But even pockets weren’t tuffy  nough . They bellowed and bulged at all the seams And put holes in the pockets of his favorite jeans. An extra container was sorely […]

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November 10, 2016

For eight years we’ve watched with no identity or voice as our country became fundamentally weakened, corrupt and lawless. Unknowingly, HRC, in her quest for power and profiteering, gave us the identifying label “Deplorable.” In doing so she gave us a voice. A voice so disrupting to her life long quest. History has recorded many […]

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