by buddy on February 5, 2017

On March  25, 1965 Martin Luther King locked arms with others and led thousands of nonviolent demonstrators on a five day march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama in pursuit of equal rights under the law. Unprovoked, officials swiftly responded to the protesters by firing water cannons at them, releasing snarling attack dogs and police wielding night sticks.
A few days ago, February 1, 2017, students at the University of California, Berkeley,  including some professional students majoring in anarchism, protested the appearance of conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.  Mr. Yiannopoulos was forced to cancel his appearance due to the ensuing violence that erupted.
One would think that these students would be in their expensive dorms with their noses in their expensive books getting the best educations they could for their parents hard earned bucks. Instead, these students were out for the night taking pictures, videos and texting with their expensive smart phones of windows being broken and various vehicles being set ablaze, while carrying signs as purposeful and meaningless as,  THIS IS WAR, GO HOME YANK AND TRUMP CAN’T SWIM.
When I saw all this on television I wondered why the officials there didn’t respond swiftly  with water cannons, snarling attack dogs and police wielding night sticks as they did that dreadful day in Montgomery Alabama on March 25, 1965?

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